2 July 2009

Sarah Cai at Free Range 2009

Sarah Cai collaborates with Chihiro Sasaki to present "Holborn by Heart", an interactive installation at the ninth annual Free Range 2009, which showcases work by over 3,000 graduating students from colleges in London and across the UK, in courses covering all areas of fine art, illustration, photography and design.

Sarah and Chihiro mapped out the Holborn district and the environment around Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design from memory. They then distilled the essence of Holborn by reducing geographical landmarks into distinct objects,shapes and colours that represent significant brands we remember.

Viewers had to use magnifying lenses to follow through our journey in Holborn. Our miniature model of Holborn investigates our lifestyle and routines that revolves around Central Saint Martins, and reveals to us how little or how much visual stimulus we remember subconsciously.