16 July 2009

Opening Night of Found & Lost at Osage Gallery featuring Erika Tan

Erika Tan
was recently featured in an exhibition entitled, Found & Lost
at the Osage Gallery in Singapore.
The opening night reception was held on Friday 22 May 2009 the main block of the Old School. This exhibition ran from 23rd May till 12th July 2009. Aversions will also be launched during the opening reception. Found & Lost is curated by Guo-Liang Tan and is organised in conjunction with the Singapore Arts Festival 2009.

'There is no final image, only intersections and loose ends. There is no centre, only peripheral fictions and suggestions, multiplying and expanding towards a threshold found and lost.'

Found & Lost features the works of eight Singapore artists (Sookoon Ang, Cheong Kah Kit, Khiew Huey Chian, Charles Lim, Matthew Ngui, Shubigi Rao, Erika Tan, and Ian Woo) concerned with questions of representation in relation to the act of drawing. The exhibition serves as an extension of the ideas explored in Aversions, a drawing publication project in which the artists explore and respond to the boundaries of drawing within their own artistic practices, delving into issues such as peripheral vision, perpetual delay, the impossibility of the image, and the fragmentation of language and memory in relation to the act of drawing.

Found & Lost continues along and beyond the initial line of enquiry into the nature of visual representation. Many of the works move between the act of observation (looking at) and that of introspection (looking for), proposing a correlation between the visible and the invisible in the way meaning is constantly being interrupted and negotiated by shifts in perception.

Images courtesy of Osage Gallery.

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