24 July 2009

Creative [SIN]ergy featured as supporter of Outrace

Creative [SIN]ergy is featured as supporter of Outrace. Outrace is an event organised by Oogachaga during Indignation 2009. The funds raised during the sold out screening of Short Circuit - London will be use to fund two of Oogachaga’s youth initiatives this year. These two events will be organised together with volunteers from two other small youth groups, namely Youth Out Here and Dirrtyremixes.

OutRace, an amazing race style event where contestants will cover locations of significant historical values in Singapore’s gay movement. This event will take place in August during Indignation 2009.

The objectives of OutRace are:
· To educate youths on local gay history via landmarks and gay establishments, in a fun and engaging way.

· Instil a sense of community and bonding among queer and straight youths.