27 June 2009

1 of nine - Kick Off Meeting

Creative [SIN]ergy had its 1st kick off meeting for "1 of nine" on 27th June at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. "1 of 9" is a collaborative project between Musicians and Artist/ Designers.

"1 of nine" will be a fundraiser in aid of one of the breast cancer associations here in the UK. We have narrowed down to 3 charities and will be selecting 1 in due course.

Cancer Research UK

Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Campaign

The working title "Music in PINK" has been change to "1 of nine". The word "Pink" has many different connotations these days, we simply decide that "1 of nine" would be more of an appropriate title. As during the overall life expectancy of a women, 1 out of 9 may suffer from breast cancer. Also we have 9 musicians line up and paired with 9 designers/ artist. So the new title makes sense.

Suggested musicians involved:
1. Tan Shzr Ee - Accordionists
2. Yao Cong - Tuba Player
3. Grace Lee - Violinist
4. Shaun Ho - Violinist
5. Lim Juan -
6. Song Ziliang - Pianist
7. Fontane Liang - Harpist
8. Ee Ping Yee - Opera Singer
9. Jonathan Ang - Pianist

Suggested artists involved
1. Lilia Yip - Fashion + Music
2. Song Ming - Sound Artist
3. Adam Loh - DJ
4. Louis - Photographer
5. Rosaline Ting - Writer
6. Siti Osman - Curator
7. Sarah Huijie Cai- Graphic Designer
8. Kok Loong Wong - Architect
9. Mohyin Kwan - Interior Architect/ Jewelry Designer/ Glass Sculptor