14 May 2009

Short Circuit – London, films announced

Short Circuit - London
Curated by by Boo Junfeng and Alfian Sa'at
Featuring: Lola by Rae Lyn Lee and Summer by Hong Khaou

Pink IC by Charmaine Wong
White by Tan Wei Keong
Locust by Victric Thng
Don't Say Farewell Again by Eva Tang
Asian Girls Vol 3 (Memoirs of a Geisha) by Brian Gothong Tan
Crocodile Journals by Yeo Lee Nah
Miss A Shot by Ezzam Rahman and Ghazi Alqudcy
Wet Season by Michael Tay
Katong Fugue by Boo Junfeng
Autopsy by Loo Zihan
Monkey Love by Royston Tan