3 April 2009

Creative [SIN]ergy in talks with FARM.sg

Creative [SIN]ergy and FARM.sg are very keen to see how we can host a collaborative curation of ROJAK in London.

The SG-London ROJAK version will possibly have a mix of both creatives from Singapore, and Singaporean creatives based in London. Through this mix, we will see how cultural, geographical differences might have any impact/influences (if any) on the designers & artists. We find it intriguing to investigate how much of our sensibilities are shaped by our immediate environments. And to see where these confluences of thinking would meet. We are in talks to possibly host the SG-London ROJAK either in the 3rd Q 2009 or 1st Q 2010.

"It's certainly getting us all fired up and interested in a possible SG-London tie up!"
Willie Koh - FARM.sg

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