1 December 2008

Consultation session with British Council

British Council Singapore invited creative [SIN]ergy to take part in a consultation session for a project the Council is currently developing that it is hoped will take place in Singapore in 2009. This project will see UK based artists and filmmakers Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy working alongside Royston Tan to create filmed portraits of the community of the Tiong Bahru heritage estate. It is intended that this work will be developed through an ongoing process of consultation and research with the estate’s residents and Singaporean artists and creatives, drawing on the memories and using the words of residents, past and present, to explore the community’s relationship to the estate and the emotional ties that bind people to the area. The piece will examine issues around the historical and cultural development of Singapore’s physical and cultural landscape, while exploring the social dynamics of the community in the public realm of this very special place. These works will be part of Joe and Christine’s ongoing series of site-specific, community based moving images projects, the CIVIC LIFE series, that explore the relationship between community and public space. More information can be found here: http://www.desperateoptimists.com/civiclife/index.html This session is intended to be an essential part of this consultation process. We will be screening some of the works and Christine Molloy will be present to talk about the creation process behind the Civic Life series and the artists’ aims for the work. We are inviting a cross-section of Singaporean creatives based in the UK as we see this very much as a collaboration across art forms and disciplines. Your input, your advice and your pointers will be of great help in seeing this project realised, so we do hope you can make it. This event took place on Wednesday 26th November at a private screening room at 16mm, 19 D'Arblay Street, London.

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